Black Umbrellas

Black Umbrellas (BU) partners with the private sector, government and civil society to address the low levels of entrepreneurship in South Africa, by acting as an Enterprise Supplier Development incubator. Partnering with the Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation in 2009, BU set out to escalate their efforts countrywide and set up operation in Johannesburg. BU now has 8 incubators in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Mooinooi, Lephalale, Port Elizabeth, Durban and Richards Bay.

Manual paper-based processes had reached their limits in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and scalability for BU. So the team reached out to us at BBD for a way to introduce automation and digitisation into their business, widen their footprint and improve development services.

We are now working in collaboration with BU to develop an incubator platform with the goal of reaching a greater number of businesses in need of support. This is planned to launch in the last quarter of 2020.

Black Umbrellas
Public sector
Solution category
Software development, Consulting services, Cloud
Java, Python, Django, JavaScript, Business Process Model, RPA, AWS
Key value add
BBD has introduced automation and digitisation into BU, helped widen their footprint and improved development services. The proposed virtual incubator will drive, monitor and evaluate interactions between BU and the SMMEs they serve, and ultimately increase the scalability and impact of their services