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Get the right knowledge to the right employee at the right time 

Knowledge management and staff training can be a time consuming and costly process that is inefficient for the modern, distributed workforce. Using best practices for data utilisation and powerful technology such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Neural Networks (NN), we have created a solution that finds your structured and unstructured knowledge in its current form and delivers it into a fast and searchable centralised index that can integrate into your existing internal portals. We call this Seeka.

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Enable your workforce with centralised, integrated internal knowledge repositories 

Seeka integrates into your existing environment to find your data where it sits, in whatever form it exists in. Using the power of NLP and NN principles, it makes sense of the data, pulling it into a living, searchable index that answers queries with relevant results in text, video and table formats. Seeka puts useful knowledge at the fingertips of your employees so that they can quickly answer customer queries, access training information, and tap into a shared knowledge network that empowers constant upskilling and growth. Seeka enables the workforce of the future.

With functionality provided by REST APIs, the solution can be easily integrated into existing systems and front-ends, while it’s Oauth2.0-compliant security mechanisms give you peace of mind that your information is secure.

Centralised and useful knowledge at your employees’ fingertips 

Taps into data in any form – structured or unstructured 

Securely integrates into a living, searchable internal search engine 

Cost effective solution to handling internal knowledge 

Can be utilised as the foundation for chatbots to deliver fast and effective customer experiences

Uses speech to text to translate spoken words or recorded meetings 

Adapts to your organisation’s lexicon and jargon to ensure highly accurate search results 

What Seeka can do for your business

Turns information from any source into useable, searchable knowledge 

Reduces your dependency and spend on employee onboarding and training 

Removes a need to actively centralise internal knowledge 

Empowers staff with the right information at the right time 

Makes relevant information accessible to remote and/ or distributed teams 

Built on reusable blocks with multiple applications 

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